By The Numbers

A macro image of lens markings on a 35mm film lens. Shot with a canon 60mm F2.8 Macro lens.

* A print of this image is available here!

I am somewhat of a camera nerd in that I have several pieces of old camera equipment proudly displayed around our house. I really do love these old things and how they were constructed. I did shoot some film when I was younger but a majority of my work is digital so when I find an old piece of photographic history like a lens or camera body I try to buy it up! This lens was part of a small set of Minolta gear that I was given from someone including two camera bodies and three lenses.

It’s nice to get your hands on a vintage piece and be able to look it over .The modern cameras of today just don’t have the same look or feel as these old beauties. I have a small, personal side project going on to make a series of macro images of these old camera parts. I wanted to use my macro lens to hone in a specific parts of lenses and camera bodies to show their construction and how they differ from today’s models.

Image Data: ISO 400. 60mm. F8 @ 5 seconds.


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