Cream splash suspended in water and made with one Canon speedlight.

As we head into Winter here in Vermont and with our baby coming in the Spring I have been looking for a photography project to occupy my time. In the coming year I may not have as much time to shoot my landscapes and I finally settled on water and splash photography. The initial cost of supplies for the setup to make these images is very inexpensive and shots like this really appeal to my love of injecting a bit of chaos into my photography work.

I have always been a huge fan of works by Jackson Pollack and Salvador Dali. They influenced my early artistic endevours however through photography I can add my own twist on this type of work. I am also a big fan of minimalistic work and I thought that the above image really represented those two diverse and very different styles of art. Originally I did not intend to keep this image but once I started to work on it and the forms started to take shape i knew I had a keeper.

The one thing that I find most interesting about practicing the techniques to shoot these images is that no two splashes are ever the same. Due to the nature of different liquids and how they interact with water you are always guaranteed to come up with a new composition every time you do these. This image reminded me that creativity can be boundless and inspiration can come from many different sources!

Just to show an example of how much clean up can be involved…Here is a screen shot of the above image after spot removal in Lightroom and before I mirrored and flipped in Photoshop.

Spot removal of image before work in Photoshop. While I was careful to keep the water clean the flash really does illuminate every bit of sediment in the water. Very tedious to clean up but I think the results are worth it. You also can sometimes get strange reflections which also need to be removed.

Image Data: ISO 100. Canon 60mm Macro lens. F8 @ 1/250. One Canon 430 ex II speedlight with a off camera shoe cord.


10 thoughts on “Duality

  1. for what’s it worth, i think that the last three images that you’ve sent out (the macro shot of the lens, the pedestrian bridge at the waterfront, and now this) are outstanding. really, really great. and i’m certain that you’ll be able to produce amazing images using liquids. well done. keep going.

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