A Time For Change

Shallow water and rock formations on Ricker Pond in Groton, Vermont.

I had a chance during the foliage season to break out my ten stop neutral density filter a few times and on my travels in the Northern part of Vermont I had some pretty good long exposure conditions back in October. My Wife and I were in Groton, Vermont where her Mom lives and I had the chance to sneak away for a few hours to do some foliage shooting. Much to our surprise the leaves in the area had changed and fallen to the ground so there wasn’t much color on the trees to speak of. The conditions were rip for some black and white long exposures and I stumbled upon this perfect set of rocks on a small spit of land at the far end of Ricker Pond.

This pond is about five minutes from where my wife’s family home is located and I wanted to explore the far end of it. There are some small pools and a series of waterfalls at one end and I noticed that a small trail headed out onto the pond on a piece of land just wide enough for the trail. The shallow water and rock formations here make for ample photo ops but I found a small circular formation right at the tip of the small piece of land I was on. The rocks formed a semi-circle that stretched out into the pond a few feet and the clouds above made for a pretty decent long exposure. I tried framing this in several different ways but to me this was the most pleasing composition of the rocks with the land and pond beyond.

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @ 50 seconds. Lee Big Stopper ten stop neutral density filter.


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