The Edge Of Reason

Leaves swirling in water next to the rock face of a waterfall. Underhill, Vermont.

As I was shooting some leaf swirl images near this waterfall I wanted to move in and do some detail shots of the moving water against the rocks of the falls. As I looked at this composition I noticed the dual nature of the hard and non-moving rocks and the smooth flow of the water with the fallen leaves moving along the current created by the waterfalls above. I love these types of image where you stop, slow down for a minute and actually think about the reason behind why your shooting something or how it is moving you on an emotional level.

This is a particularly tough falls to shoot…Not too big but the water takes a zig-zag course along the upper rocks and the pool of water below is surrounded by thick forest. Interestingly the flow of the leaves here was created not by the waterfall itself but by the ripples created as the water spilled into the pool from above. The spot where the leaves where swirling was in a relatively calm spot but the ripples were creating enough motion at just the right speed to capture the swirls easily.

Image Data: ISO 100. 29mm. F14 @ 25 seconds. Cokin P series circular polarizer


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