Cream drops suspended in water. Taken with one Canon 430 ex II speedlight and an off camera shoe cord with a paper snoot.

Today’s image is one of my latest cream drop images and each time I shoot these I learn a little bit about the process. The work seems easy to do when you think about it but in practice it is much harder than it looks. Since I am only shooting these with one speedlight placement of the flash is essential for success…Too far forward of the drop and the cream won’t be illuminated well and too far back and you get all kinds of strange reflections in the glass. Patience really comes into play with these images as you have to mark your water levels, set you focus and marking where the dropper of cream is placed on top of the aquarium tank. It’s crucial to do your set up once so the only thing you are moving is the tank to refill it with water.

The work part of these is the actual shooting but the artistic side is in editing the images and placement of the drops on a digital canvas. It’s interesting to see the different shapes that can come out of the drops when you mirror and flip them or have the drops coming at each other. Sometimes as well you get a neat effect as in the above image when there is a slight current in the water and it starts to twist the drop as it flows through the water!
Image Data: ISO 100. Canon 60mm Macro lens. F7.1 (I accidentally moved the setting…I always shoot these at F8!) 1/400th.


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