A New Vision

Self Portrait of my eye with a dispersion and paint spatter effect.

Today’s image is vastly different from what I usually shoot and blog about but it is part of a personal side project that I have had on my mind for quite sometime now. In this image I was really experimenting and learning the technique so it’s really just the start of a larger series that I have in mind. The project is combining my love of photography with some portrait photography and Photoshop manipulation with a dash of Jackson Pollack inspiration thrown in! I am a huge fan of surreal type art and Jackson Pollack including his earlier works which were not splatter paintings.

I have wanted to make an image like this for a long time however my Photoshop skills were a bit lacking in this area and perhaps I have not had as much confidence as I should to really experiment with the process of making these blended images. This is the result of several attempts and while it is not perfect that is what is part of the attraction for me. You can make a mistake but blending that mistake in with the rest of the work is a fun exercise but also a lesson about how life is never static. I wanted to go beyond just making straight images and adding a bit more chaos to my work.

In my younger days I loved painting but I never felt as though my work captured the things that I was going for. I abandoned that work in favor of digital photography and have not looked back. I hope you all really enjoy this one as much as I did in creating it. It is a departure from my normal work so comments or suggestions are always appreciated!





One thought on “A New Vision

  1. Fascinating image, Andrew. I too enjoy pushing the boundaries and exploring the capabilities of Photoshop. Certainly, experimenting is a way to learn new techniques in Photoshop. Good luck with the project

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