I think I Can

Aspen Leaf with water drops by Vermont Photographer Andrew Gimino

Aspen leaf with water drops next to a waterfall. Bolton, Vermont near Camels Hump.

Finally getting around to posting this one from a Summertime hike my wife and I took to Camels Hump which is Vermont’s other more famous mountain. The day was a tough one to shoot with the sun peeking out from some clouds in the area and as I would set up for a shot the sun would come out ruining the composition.  I took it as more of a challenge really and I came across this composition next to a waterfall and stream which runs along the trail we were on.

I spied this leaf sitting on the small ledge of rock and the nature of the composition here made a focus stacked image necessary. I needed to get the leaf sharp but I also wanted the rocks and water behind to be sharp as well. I got some really nice highlights on the rocks and water from the sun as well as some nicely shaped water drops on the leaf itself.   A tough shot to set up because of the positioning of the leaf and the rocks around where I had to set up my tripod. Shots like this are where a short center column was well worth the investment!

Image Data: ISO 100. 22mm. F11 @ 1.6 seconds. Three images merged in Perfect Layers 2 and finished in Lightroom. Cokin P series circular polarizer and a two stop graduated neutral density filter for the rocks and water in the background.


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