A self portrait with a zombie look.

A self-portrait with a zombie look.

I consider myself pretty terrible when it comes to more advanced techniques in Photoshop and today’s image was mostly for practice using multiple layers and masks. The goal here was to give myself a zombie look while learning a few techniques I have wanted to try such as the dispersion effect and the erosion effect. This image went through several variations and ultimately I abandoned ten hours or so of work in favor of this more minimal version. The trashed version had some paint spatter effects as well as a dispersion effect but I decided in the end that less is more.

Here is the original portrait I shot before applying the effects….

Me-before zombie look

Forgive my terrible shave but I thought it would add to the effect! I made the portrait using one Westcott Apollo softbox and one Canon 430 ex ii speedlight attached with an off camera shoe cord at full power. The light from the softbox was excellent and while I wish I had another softbox and flash to fill in the light on the other side of my face, I thought the light after a bit of editing added to the effect I was going for. The only other edit here was adding a bit of exposure to the eyes to really make them standout.

After adding a few layers of texture to my face and making a black and white conversion I started in on the erosion effect which is a whole other blog post in itself. It took me quite awhile to get the look I was after but as a test image for learning some advanced Photoshop work I think this one came out really nice!


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