The Alleyway

Snow and ice on Stevensville brook in Underhill, Vermont.

Snow and ice on Stevensville brook in Underhill, Vermont.

It seems that every time it snows here I have to act fast because as soon as it hits the ground it starts melting right away. Today’s image was no different and after rushing to pack my gear packed it started to rain. I made the most of it…Blowing snow and rain be damned, I was going to get an image of snow somehow. You can see in the image that there is only an inch or two of snow and the rain was just killing it. All of this fresh snow was gone in the lower valley’s in the 40 minutes time that it took me to get to this spot.

I shoot here quite a bit and this is one of my favorite views. In the Summer months all of the image is filled in with beautiful green foliage but it takes on a special view in the winter with the snow on the ground. This view is great because it shows the brooks course while creating some visual interest with the snow and ice formations. The only bad part about the early snow is the frozen water on the edges of the stream can be quite thin and difficult to see with a fresh coating of snow on it. I’m usually pretty careful hiking but I did break through the ice several times. Lucky for me on this day the temps were warm enough that my wet feet did not get too cold!

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @ .6 No filters.


4 thoughts on “The Alleyway

  1. I like the processing Andrew. Looks cold. We’ve had a few cold days around here with freezing fog – strange that cold damp days feel a lot colder somehow than cold dry days.

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