Sunset with snow on Lake Champlain at Perkins Pier. Burlington, Vermont.

Sunset with snow on Lake Champlain at Perkins Pier. Burlington, Vermont.

Another sunset and more challenging lighting conditions! Sunset and blue hour are great times to be out shooting in the Winter but often present challenges when trying to properly expose the ground and the sky. I happened to be out shooting down by Lake Champlain and with the sun setting it made for some really dark foregrounds. I wanted the color in the sky but I also did not want to lose detail in the foreground. What I was looking for in this one was more of a hint of light rather than a completely dark foreground.

I tried something new here and I stacked two different exposures to get the look I was going for in this image. I made a few exposures here…One for the sky and several for the foreground to get the type of light and detail I was after. I didn’t want so much light as to make the blend unbelievable but I wanted to see just a bit of the sunset light as it was hitting the snow on the ground and rocks. While I could see this with my eyes the camera just picked up almost complete darkness. Pretty simple blend here for the two images…. I used a brush at a reduced opacity to blend in a bit of darkness to the sky and water on the image I shot for the snow.

Image Data: Two images shot for exposure and blended together. ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @ 1/4 for the sky and 1 second for the snow on the ground.


11 thoughts on “Fade

  1. I like this effect Andy, it was an approach I was considering for some shots I took this week but I processed the first two batches of brackets as HDR in the end.
    I really like the subdued tones in this image, very natural looking.

  2. This is a great result, Andy! You have overcome a very difficult exposure range on a scene that would not lend itself to using a grad ND filter due to the light reflecting on the water. Well done.

    • Thank you so much Mark! I tend to not shoot with filters at sunset just because the light changes so fast. Sometimes i do but in this image no. I thought just a hint of light hitting the shoreline would make for a more dramatic image!

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