Breaking Apart

Female face with erosion effect and paint spatter by Vermont Photographer Andrew Gimino

A portrait of my wife with an Erosion and paint spatter effect.

Here is one of my latest photo manipulations and a lesson in sometimes these types of work go in directions that you had not originally planned! I had shot a small mini portrait session with my wife back in November with the intent of making this piece more of a horror piece rather than a surreal type one. In the end I decided that going towards a surreal piece was more my style and the image morphed into this! I did create a horror image from the original shot but I abandoned several hours of work in favor of this. I just was not crazy about my original concept but I liked how this one came out! This one took quite a bit of time to complete…Two textures were used from for the background and the image of my wife had over 30 layers for the break apart effect in her face. I made some corrections in Lightroom blending in a black and white version of the portrait into a color one to get the unique coloring on my wife’s face.  Lastly I brushed in the paint spatter effect and called this one complete! These works are painstaking for me at this point as I am getting better with the Photoshop techniques involved but at the same time I am building a library of my own brushes and making these is time-consuming as well.


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