Winter Storm

Approaching Winter storm with sunburst.

Approaching Winter storm with sunburst.

Sometimes you just have to go out and shoot no matter what the weather. This is a deceptive Winter image as there is no snow but on the day I shot this it was brutally cold…Well below zero with the wind chill. This storm was a quick one and as you can see it was sunny out with blue skies and the clouds here are the front of the storm coming in. Making it even more difficult was the water spray coming up from Lake Champlain so I had to work fast here!

I got lucky here that I noticed the sun was going to poke out from the clouds and I would be able to get a sunburst shot! I managed to get two images at different exposure levels for blending before the sun went back behind the clouds and the incredible wind forced me to move inland a bit. I couldn’t get more than a few shots in before the water spray turned into ice on my gear.

I manually blended two images here…One for the clouds and sunburst exposure and one  for the water and foreground exposure. Under any other circumstances I could have done a bit better of a job with my exposures but the howling wind and water spray forced my hand here…I quickly got these two shots and moved on. I know, I know but my hands were blocks of ice!

Image Data: ISO100. 17mm. F22 at 1/15 and 1/5.


6 thoughts on “Winter Storm

  1. Nice one, Andy. Great composite allowing you to keep some of the movement in the water as well as the detail in the sky (and a great sun burst, too).

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