Sky On Fire

sunset, Lake Champlain, Burlington, Vermont

Sunset over Lake Champlain from the Burlington, Vermont waterfront.

It has been a long Winter here in Vermont with the ever-changing New England weather and for the past month or so grey, shapeless skies and clouds. When the sun does decide to make an appearance I run out to shoot so I don’t miss any photo opportunity! I wasn’t convinced on the night I took this image that the sky was going to open up but I am glad I went out and took a chance to shoot. The sky here was filled with a hazy set of clouds and as the sun was setting the clouds started to dissipate and really create a nice reflective backdrop in the sky for the colors that were appearing.

I shot this from the Burlington waterfront looking towards the southern end of Lake Champlain. The Adirondack Mountains and a small lighthouse on the Burlington breakwater provided natural and man-made elements in the bottom of the frame but I also minimized these to really show off that sky! I showed up to shoot an hour before the sunset and stayed an hour after so I was really surprised and astonished at the show that I got to watch. It was amazing to see everything from start to finish and the tickets were free!

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Image Data: ISO 100. 19mm. F11 @ 1/20. No filters.


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