Sugar’n Time

Farmer, maple syrup boil, black and white

Farmer boiling maple syrup. David Palmer. Palmers Sugar House. Shelburne, Vermont.

Well it’s that time of year again when we get warm days and cold nights allowing our hard-working farmers here in Vermont to collect and boil Maple sap into the most delicious of all foods…Maple Syrup! I can be honest and say that I love the stuff so getting to make a few images of this Vermont tradition was quite a fun exercise. This past weekend was a sugar house open house throughout the state where you could go and see the farmers producing the finest Vermont amber gold!

To me this is what Vermont is all about…Generations of Vermonters producing a product that is truly a labor of love. The season to collect the maple sap is very short and the amount of work that goes into boiling the sap into maple syrup is just tremendous. I admire these folks and what they do. My Wife, My Mother and I decided to venture out to a local sugar hose and indulge in a bit of a treat…Sugar on snow. Fresh maple syrup, fresh snow, a cider donut ,and served with a very old school garnish of sour dill pickles.

I managed to make a few decent images both on film and digitally. As you can imagine the light in the sugar house was on the dark side so I had to crank up my ISO to 1000 which I never do. However ISO’s up to 1000 are perfectly fine and usable and I challenged myself here..No chimping. I set my ISO and opened up my aperture a bit and fired off a few shots and this first one came out the best. I really wanted this to be spur of the moment and as there were many people milling about watching the boil I had to be quick about my shots. I don’t often shoot images like this and I was quite happy with how this one came out!

Image Data. ISO 1000. 17mm. F5.6 @ 1/30.


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