…And What Shall We Leave

sunset, Lake Champlain, Burlington, Vermont

Sunset with clouds and cracked rocks over Lake Champlain from Oakledge Park in Burlington, Vermont.

As my Wife and I move into our third week of caring for our newborn Daughter the exhaustion and sleepless nights are setting in. I was feeling pretty limited on energy this week and I came pretty close to staying home on the day that I made this capture. I am really glad that my hard work ethic side won out over the tired side because I was treated to quite a show over Lake Champlain! I try to get out and shoot one day out of the week now that we have the baby and this day was typical…grey and terrible clouds with not much hope of getting any sunset images.

As luck was on my side I headed down to the lake shore and the terrible skies gave way to some really nice cloud shapes and color as the sun set. We are getting into the warmer weather and their was some people milling about the area so I had to move quickly from shot to shot and on a few frame out some people. fortunately I try to get to my chosen locations at least an hour before the sunset so I had already scouted out a few compositions to shoot.

This was a horizontal variation on a vertical one and I was quite happy with how both came out. This beach area changes during the year and right now the water level is quite high due to the melting snow in the mountains. Silly me as I was shooting the tide came up and by the time I was done shooting this shot I was drenched in icy cold water! This small bit of rock is about as close as you can get to Lake Champlain…about a few feet from the water’s edge.

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @ 1/4 and 1/30. Two images blended in Photoshop CS2. Image edits in Lightroom 4.

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