The Stage Is Set

Lake Champlain-Sunset_clouds

Passing clouds at sunset with side lighting over Lake Champlain. Burlington, Vermont.

As I was hunting around for compositions I had to weave my way around several people who were out due to the warming weather. I had to choose my comps wisely and for just a few moments because of the suns position I caught a break with some incredible side lighting on the rocks and clouds. The sun was off to camera left and the scene was quite boring but with a slight turn of my camera I got the most amazing scene!

For just a few minutes during each sunset there is a bit of wiggle room to capture the great side lighting here in the area hitting the rocks along the shore. The rocks light up a beautiful shade of pink due to their natural color. It happens very quickly just before the sun sets under the horizon but if you scramble around like a mad man then you can get a few images of it.

The composition here was mainly because of desperation! I saw the awesome light on the clouds but there were some people in the area and I had to compose without them walking into the shot. The light here in this image really did not last very long so I had to be quick. The view is looking in  a northerly direction over Lake Champlain with Burlington’s Rock Point way off in the distance.

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Image Data: Two images shot for exposure and focus: foreground shot at ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @ 1/10 and the clouds at 1/80. Blended in Photoshop CS2 and finished in Lightroom.


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