Print Auction #2 – Sunset on Lake Champlain

sunset-lake champlain-clouds-print

This is the image that I am auctioning off in my second print auction! Sunset over Lake Champlain at Oakledge Park with Burlington, Vermont in the distance.

Friends….It is time to run my second print auction for anyone who is interested in owning a signed,  11×14 inch print of the image above! I ran a successful auction over on Facebook but there were some things that I did not like about that format so I am posting here on my blog and will be posting links so people who are interested can join in! The image here was shot at Oakledge Park here in Burlington, Vermont at sunset a few weeks ago. I caught these beautiful pink colors in the rocks which were enhanced by the light from the setting sun.

The print itself I had printed at Mpix online and is 11×14 in size with a gloss finish. I will personally sign and date the print and ship to the winning bidder. As a bonus I have ordered two of these and I will honor the bid from the second highest bidder! Not only will you get a beautiful, signed print shipped right to you but you will have two chances to win the image!

Have fun and remember that your winning bid helps support what I do! The auction will run from May 7, 2013 until May 25, 2013! Happy bidding peeps!


1. I will take a check if I know you personally or online but PayPal is preferable. Payment is due once the auction is over and once I receive it I will send your print to you!

2. Your bid is binding just like on Ebay. If you don’t want the print or have no intention of paying then don’t join in!

3. My blog is set up so that you must leave an email address (which is only visible to me) to leave a comment. Make a bid in the comment section and I will use this email address to communicate with you if you are the winner!


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