A Brief Respite

Sunset-Lois McClure-Perkins Pier-Burlington-Vermont

The Schooner Lois McClure docked on Perkins pier. Lake Champlain. Burlington, Vermont.

Burlington has a pretty rich history over the past few hundred years and an example of that is this replica schooner, The Lois McClure. The ship is an 1862 class fully functioning replica that was designed by intensive study of two schooner shipwrecks that currently sit underwater in Burlington harbor. There are no existing plans for ships of this type which is why the studies were needed for construction. Building began in 2002 here in town at the Burlington Shipyard and the inaugural launch was in 2004. White Oak, White Pine, White Spruce, Oak and Mahogany where all used in its construction with the wood being sourced from Vermont, New York and Maine.

Clouds really provide a great backdrop for sunsets here but on this night I got skunked. I did however like the minimalist feel to the sky with the moored boat against the large granite blocks that make up Perkins Pier. I was most attracted to how the light wrapped around the front of the boat and I wanted to add a bit of the foreground into the image. The light was beautiful and the hint of clouds, boat and land I think give this one a bit of mystery! I blended two images together here…One for the light on the foreground rocks and one for the sunset and Adirondack Mountains beyond.

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @ 1/8 and 1 second. No filters. Two images blended with gradients in Photoshop.


5 thoughts on “A Brief Respite

  1. This is absolutely terrific, Andy, I love how the ship looks like it’s looking out over the water anticipating it’s next journey! A lovely little touch of tension there, my friend, totally unique and perfectly executed!

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