waterfall-Vermont-honey hollow falls

A section of Honey Hollow Falls on Preston Brook as it flows downhill.

The last time I visited these falls I came from downstream going up and I completely missed this section! I felt kind of silly looking up the actual location on Google being that I live here in Vermont but you do what you gotta do to get your image! Preston Brook runs downhill here to Honey Hollow Falls on what I can accurately describe as a very steep logging road. It is a fairly deep gorge with sloping sides of wet and slippery rock. You get some nice subdued light in the gorge but you must observe caution here as the walls are steep and difficult to navigate in spots.

The hike down is worth it because in this small section you have some interesting colored rock with several small pools and compositions. The only limiting factor here is a huge pine tree has now fallen into the gorge just off to camera right. The tree makes composing difficult at times and it will require a few more visits to fully explore the potential here. The day that I was here was overcast but the sun was peeking out of the clouds at times. Looking downstream you get this great tunnel view effect with sunlight filtering down through the green trees at the end.

The foreground rock is unique to the falls in that the rest of the rock has a blue/ grey tint with this really interesting formation. The falls here are narrow so after thousands of years the water has carved an interesting curving shape into the red colored rock. Lots more potential here but again compositions can be quite difficult due to the tight quarters in this gorge. This spot is always worth a visit as it’s only about a half hour away at the base of Camels Hump!

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @ 4 seconds. Two images merged for sharpness Foreground image was of the curved rock and water pool and the second was of the rocks and forest in the background. Shot with a Cokin Circular Polarizer.


2 thoughts on “Sharkstooth

  1. Another great shot Andy, really great perspective on the rock at the foreground and the long exposure on the water.
    As an aside I often look things up on google maps but also use an app for my phone which overlays the sun / moon onto a map for any time and day. It’s great for avoiding a wasted trip for a sunset etc.

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