Green With Envy

Spring-Forest-Vermont-Mount Mansfield

Stevensville Brook and forest at the base of Mount Mansfield. Underhill, Vermont.

Spring is in full effect here in Vermont and the green color has really come out this year. After a passing rain storm this week I finally was able to make it into the trees to do some waterfall shooting around the base of Mount Mansfield. I hike on this section of Stevensville Brook quite extensively and the green foliage looked fantastic and made for some great foreground interest in today’s image! There was some slight fog in the area and to tell the truth it was one of those days where the compositions were tough. I worked several images but the creative process is fickle and it took a bit of work to get what I was looking for.

This image actually came out of a composition that I was shooting for focus stacking purposes. Just below the bottom of the image here was a nice stand of small white flowers that I really wanted to include in the image. I tried to shoot what I was after but with a slight breeze and the difficulties of stitching all of the images together made me finally abandon my original work. Moving the camera up slightly and finding good focus for a sharp image throughout I was finally able to capture all of this foliage on the riverbank. You can’t see it but I had to set up on a fairly steep part of the bank but the green surrounding the rocks and water made for some nice contrast. I think the viewpoint reminds me of hiking and discovering what’s around the next corner!

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @ 3.2 seconds. Shot with a Cokin circular polarizer.


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