Mars Is Burning

sunset-lake champlain-summer

Sunset with shore line and clouds over Lake Champlain. Burlington, Vermont.

I have been getting skunked lately with sunsets with several storm systems rolling through the area and never quite materializing into great photographs. After a few attempts I finally managed to get a decent combination of sunset, color and clouds with a good foreground. The water levels around Lake Champlain are quite high right now and this obscures a lot of the shoreline rocks that normally are visible.

The night that I made this image presented me with a pretty awesome sunset….The oranges here faded to blues, and pinks which made for quite a show! The weather conditions left a low hanging bank of mist directly over the lake in the distance giving this image an interesting fade effect. There were some low clouds on the horizon and as the sun set behind them it gave a quality of light that was pretty amazing…The oranges really popped i the sky for just a few minutes! I was drawn in by the interesting shape of the small pool of water here with the cracks in the rock.

Technically this image was a challenge as exposing for the sky of course made the rocks darker than they should have been. I made two exposures here, One for the sky and one for the rocks and manually blended in Photoshop. The resulting blend was much closer to what I was seeing rather than what the camera was giving me. After I added a layer mask and a gradient to the images I used a brush at about 30% opacity to brush in some of the light from the rock exposure. You have to be gentle here with the brushwork as it’s all to easy to add to much light in and ruin the shot. I just added in enough to replicate what I was seeing naturally with my eyes.

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @ 1/80 and 1/15. No filters.

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6 thoughts on “Mars Is Burning

  1. You’ve handled the processing really well – it looks such a natural shot. Love the foreground, and the colours in the distance, as you write, are beautiful

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