A Beginnings End

Lake Champlain-Vermont-Sunset

Shoreline of Lake Champlain with clouds at sunset.

This small section of rock get photographed often and I have shot it myself a few times. The rocks here are not particularly large and it’s only several feet back from this spot to land. What you don’t see is that under normal circumstances I could stand in this channel  almost up to my waist! Steady rains and snow melt since the early spring have kept the lake fairly high and good foreground elements are a bit hard to find right now.Even here in this shot the approach is under water so I had to do a bit of jumping to be able to make this shot.

The sunset was a tough one but not unmanageable. All of the good cloud action was pointed away from the sun so i had to make a decision about whether to include the area where the sun was setting or not. Ultimately I chose to not include this area and instead focus on This really good bank of clouds off to the left of the sun. I had been waiting a few weeks to have some decent cloud cover to reflect the sunset light and on this night I was not disappointed.

Processing these blends can be a challenge at times, The trick is to make the blend seamless and as close to what my eyes were seeing as possible. The easy part is stitching the two frames together but the hard part is getting everything looking natural. This always requires brush work in Photoshop and cleanup with the adjustment brush in Lightroom to add the final polish to the piece. I had a tiny spot of sun flare on the water in this one but it wasn’t enough to be distracting so I chose not to spend extensive time to remove it.

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @ 1/80 and 1/6.


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