Lake Of the Clouds

Vermont-Mount Mansfield-Lake of the clouds-2013

Lake of the clouds with the “Chin” and top of Mount Mansfield visible.

I don’t often talk philosophical or spiritual about my images but in this case both feelings were evident as I was making this image. I am a sentimental person and often when I am out shooting I like to just stop and really soak in the scene that I am composing. I do it occasionally but how many times do you shoot a scene without actually stopping to just look at it and enjoy what’s unfolding? In this case as this was a first time view for me I was in awe of the location so I put my camera down for a few moments and took in my surroundings.

The pond here is called The Lake Of The Clouds which is located on Mount Mansfield on the spine of the Green Mountains. It’s a glacial tarn which is a glacial lake in a circular shape formed by glacial scouring or movement. I have wanted to visit this location for many years but due to its remoteness and the difficulty of the hike I have never ventured to it. However with Chris, A fellow Vermont photographer acting as guide and some prodding from him to do a sunrise hike at 3 a.m. I was finally able to locate and shoot this spot! Mount Mansfield is Vermont’s tallest peak and has several hiking trails to the top all at various difficulty levels. We chose to hike up The Long Trail South which is a shorter climb but much more difficult.

As you can see here the aptly named Lake Of the Clouds was completely devoid of them while we were there! Of course as we were hiking out they returned and that is the pitfall to shooting at this location. Because of the difficulty of the hike and the rapidly changing weather on the mountain there just isn’t much of a way to guarantee the lighting and weather conditions here, You just have to pick a day and go! You have to take what you get and while there were no clouds, Chris and I made the most of the trip. We were out shooting when everyone else was still in bed and we had a pristine natural environment all to ourselves.


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