Bear Pond

Bear pond-Mount Mansfield-Vermont-2013

Bear Pond on Mount Mansfield. Roughly an hours hike from the chin, Adam’s apple and the Lake of the clouds.

Getting off the beaten path in Vermont to do photography work is sometimes an exercise not for the faint of heart. For several years now I have wanted to make the trek to two remote ponds which are at the top of Mount Mansfield and I finally had the chance to go and explore them! Last week I showed an image from the Lake of the clouds which is about a half hour from the Adams Apple at the top of the mountain. Bear pond in today’s image is another half hour or so from there and is a beautiful, pristine pond untouched by the hands of man.

Caution should be taken when heading to Bear Pond as the trail is no longer maintained and the likelihood that you will run into wildlife or evidence of it is quite high. I would never do this hike without a partner because the trail can be rough, has lots of slippery moss and sheer rock faces that require some ingenuity to traverse. With that said the trail provides some amazing views of the Green Mountains and is worth at least one try in your lifetime.

The pond itself is just a beauty to look at and I did take a few moments to soak in the atmosphere. It’s as quiet as can be and you will be there all alone with your pick of a multitude of compositions. Luckily some clouds drifted by and I opted to place all of this old wood in the foreground. I think the wood made a nice compliment to the reflections and sky in the background. The solitude here is priceless and well worth the 6 hour round trip hike to get here!


7 thoughts on “Bear Pond

  1. Certainly worth the hike, thank you for doing it and sharing with us. I love all the wood in the image and the way the clouds round themselves near the side of the mountain. You can tell not many make the effort to get here, wilderness at its best.

  2. Why share these places on the internet… better to keep things a secret. still display the photo but be more discrete about location.

    • Nathan…I share them because there really isn’t anyplace on earth that you cannot find on Google maps or any other site. All of the locations in Vermont that I go to are photographed and all over the internet so there isn’t any secret about their location. I think as a photographer it’s important to give back to the community instead of hiding everything.

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