Vermont-Lake Champlain-Sunset-Summer 2013

Sunset light reflecting off of clouds on Lake Champlain.

Sometimes the best light at sunset isn’t what is in front of you but what is behind you. If you get a good set of clouds the reflected light on them will often be much better and more dramatic than pointing your camera right where the sun is setting. It takes only a moment but looking behind you to see what the light is doing can be really rewarding and make for some very striking images! Usually clouds like the ones here tend to dissipate as the sun sets over Lake Champlain but on this night they were staying put!

I was a bit rushed here as this light was changing very rapidly and the best cloud formations were off to my left and not over where the sun was setting. What you see here is the very first reflected light from the setting sun and it does not last long! I moved my gear quickly and managed to find a decent foreground getting this image before the clouds passed me by. The deep blues and subtle pinks here lasted only a few moments but they were just beautiful. Sometimes the best part of the show isn’t straight ahead!

Nothing fancy here in terms of shooting or processing of this image. I had to rush a bit to find a decent composition and the light only allowed for a shot or two before it changed as the sun set. This is looking South along Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains away from the setting sun. Train your eyes to look away from where the main action is in a sunset because there will always be a surprise waiting for you!


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