Red Fury

Vermont-Sunset-Storm-Green Mountains

Storm clouds at sunset over the Green Mountains.

Today’s image will be the beginning of sharing my Fall foliage images. I still have plenty of Summer images to share but as we are moving into the peak foliage I figured I would switch things up and start in on my Fall images! This image is from early September and while technically not quite Fall and as you can see the leaves are barely starting to change I am starting here to build up anticipation to some foliage shots. This year I decided to take a different route in my foliage work and instead of heading into the woods and shooting waterfalls and such I decided to do more scouting and shooting on some of the dirt roads here in Vermont.

I think there is so much more to the state and along with borrowing a telephoto lens from a friend and practicing with that I wanted to experiment this year and try shooting some other scenes of Vermont. In today’s shot you can see part of the Green Mountain Range and one of it’s more distinctive peaks, Camels Hump. Off to the left of the image would be Mount Mansfield. We had this storm move through the area so I raced over to this location which is only a few minutes from my home to see a pretty dramatic sky as the sun set. You can see the clouds going over the Mountains and the red light in the sky was pretty fantastic!

Not much to note in the processing of this image. I only did some simple tweaks here and there and called this one done. It has been very dry here over the past several weeks which means it’s tough right now to even find waterfalls but I am not sure which way the leaves are going to go. We are seeing peak color now with the leaves now changing towards the bottoms of the trees and the color moving into the valley locations. My guess is maybe another two weeks of color barring any storms or high winds. Please stick around for some fall color as I am shooting as much as I can over the next few weeks!


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