Vermont-Autumn-Lake Mansfield-Foliage

The Lake Mansfield Valley with the backside of Bolton Mountain, Mount Mayo and Mount Clark visible.

I had a chance to visit some new location this fall and I was not disappointed by this one. At the base of this mountain range you can see a small lake which is Lake Mansfield. The lake and a lot of the land around it is owned by a private trout club which is why I have never visited before although it has been on my list for years. I come to find out this year that the public can drive onto the property and park in a small parking area where there is a trail that you can hike on. I jumped at the chance and was rewarded with peak foliage in one of the best locations I have visited so far!

The trail winds its way through some beautiful forest and it only takes about an hour or so if you’re not shooting images! Along with the forest are a series of beaver ponds and some stunning foliage views right in the heart of the Green Mountain National Forest. I happened to pick just the right week to visit as the foliage was beautiful however the only downside to this location is that you have to shoot from morning through to late afternoon. You lose the good light when the sun starts to set and the whole valley basically gets dark here. In this image I am shooting from an exposed ridgeline that was heavily damaged by a fire set by careless campers two years ago.

I debated about including some of the fire damage in this image but in the end I liked the look of the ridgeline against the foliage and mountains in the distance. The small clearing provided a clear view of this valley and it was hard to show just how immense the mountains are here in an image. I had to do a bit of processing here as the image was shot at midday and I had a hard time taming the sun even with filters on my lens. My Fall photography was dominated by sunny, cloudless weather but I did manage to find a new, favorite location!


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