The Trout Club

Vermont-Lake Mansfield-Autumn

Detail image of Lake Mansfield and the surrounding valley during peak foliage

Today’s image is a detail shot of my last post “Behold.” Lake Mansfield is a small lake in the Green Mountains located in the valley behind Bolton Mountain. I had the chance to visit this spot for the first time and it was breathtaking during peak foliage season! The land surrounding the lake is owned by a private trout fishing club and there are signs all over the area to make you aware of that fact. However I was not aware that there is a small public parking lot and hiking trail on the property which overlooks the entire valley. Needless to say I jumped at the chance to shoot this location as I have been waiting years to do so!

In the image you can see the lake itself surrounded by a sea of fall foliage. The small stand of pine trees in the bottom portion of the image is part of the trail that you hike to get to the overlook of the valley. If you look really closely I even managed to catch someone floating in a canoe fishing in the lake! The whole area is a photographers dream in the fall with mountains, foliage and beaver ponds galore. If you ever head to this location you will not be disappointed.

I didn’t do anything special with processing on this image…Just my normal corrections. The area here must be shot from morning into late afternoon because as soon as the sun dips below the mountains the whole area is much too dark. On the day I went there was more blue skies than clouds but this detail shot I think gives you an idea of how impressive the foliage is in the area!


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