My Best Vermont Landscape Photography of 2013

Another year has gone by here in Vermont and as we move into a new year I thought that I would share some of my twelve favorite images of 2013 as well as a few hidden gems I was never able to post. It certainly was a challenging year for me with the birth of my daughter and learning how to be a Father as well as carving out enough time to continue shooting. Family is always number one for me and while I had to be creative about how, where and for how long to shoot I managed to have a great year! I was able to have a full two page image published in the Summer issue of Vermont Life Magazine as well as doing several commercial and business photography jobs throughout the year.

I also wanted to take a moment to thank all of my followers, print customers, friends, family, fans, etc. that I have had the good fortune to meet and follow their work as well. Without all of the encouragement and support it would be difficult to do my photography work on a regular basis. Without gushing or talking about myself too much I present some of my favorite images from 2013 as well as a few hidden gems that I either did not have the time to post here to the blog or ones that were good but not quite up to my standards when posting.

Please enjoy my work and I wish you all much success in 2014!

Vermont-maple syrup-Palmers sugar house-shelburne

Every year Vermont does a Open house with the states Maple Syrup producers. I went to Palmer’s sugar house in Shelburne, Vermont and caught one of my all time favorite portraits of David Palmer boiling and checking his syrup! While not a landscape I couldn’t help but adding in a portrait to the mix!

Vermont-Mount Mansfield-Lake of the clouds-sunrise

I went on a three a.m. hike up to the top of Mount Mansfield with a photographer friend of mine to shoot the sunrise and hike to two remote ponds on the top of the mountain. This lake is a glacial tarn that sits right in the shadow of the top of Mount Mansfield making for some really awesome reflection shots in the still of first light. The weather can be fickle and tough to predict and ironically given the name of this lake we had not a cloud in sight!

Vermont-Burlington-Oakledge Park-Sunset

I made this image in the very early Spring and sometimes you just get the right light! The stone throughout the Burlington area has these awesome pink and red hues and with this sunset I got just the right amount of pink color in the sky which reflected nicely off of the rocks here. Some people getting in the frame made me search out an alternative composition so as I pulled back this composition revealed itself. The great light together with the clouds and the composition made this an instant favorite for the year.

Vermont-Mount Mansfield-Fall foliage

During the fall foliage season this year instead of shooting in familiar locations I took a different tact and did a ton of scouting and shooting in new places. I really do love Mount Mansfield as I think it symbolizes Vermont in so many ways and I found this shot on a side ride that skirts the mountain. With a telephoto lens I was able to position the peak Fall foliage right under the very distinctive shape of Mount Mansfield’s peak!

Vermont-Burlington-Perkins Pier-Winter-Storm

I go out to shoot rain or shine and this winter storm was quite a doozy! Very high winds were making sharp, usable shots most difficult but I took it as a challenge to get a nice, sharp shot under adverse conditions. Perkins Pier is a public boat dock and mooring that sits on the waterfront area of Burlington. The high winds were whipping these gorgeous clouds around and to make this image happen I had to set up my camera behind a wooden retaining wall to shield my gear as best I could from the winds. Due to how dark it was I needed some long shutter speeds and the small wall combined with some quick thinking did the trick allowing me some sharp shots of a pretty nasty winter storm.

Vermont-Rock Point-Lake Champlain-Burlington

This was my first time visiting this location and one of my favorite spots along Lake Champlain. The area here is a thrust fault that runs under the lake and over to the New York side and there are all kinds of rocks and rock spires in the waters around this point of land. It really is a photographers dream when the water levels are low giving more access to the shoreline here. The rock here is huge and it amazes me that it broke off from the cliffs above and the trees still manage to survive and thrive on it!

Vermont-Burlington-Lake Champlain-night sky

I decided over the Winter months to stop wasting precious photography time and start learning proper technique for nighttime photography. It’s one area I lack in and I really wanted to add another arrow to the quiver..Plus it is damn addictive when you make your first decent exposures! I made this image along the waterfront bike path which sits right on the shores of Lake Champlain. Even though there is a bit of light pollution in this one I really liked the unique take on something that I have shot countless times in the daytime.

Vermont-Mount Mansfield-Snow-Fall foliage

I really do love Mount Mansfield in any season and late Fall is no exception. I managed to catch the peak of the mountain with the first snow of the season and some faint Fall foliage in the trees below. If I had hit this location a week or so earlier the foliage would have been better but I liked how the trees recede into the snow capped mountain. A storm front had socked in the mountain top with clouds and I waited patiently for about an hour for the clouds to dissipate a bit before making my image.

Vermont-Underhill-Stevensville Brook

The temps were extremely warm when I shot this and I did not think that I was going to find any untouched snow when surprisingly I came across this scene on a stream that I hike quite often. The spot where I planted my tripod was quite soft due to the warmth but I planted my tripod and managed to make a decent composition. I loved the lines and shapes in this one with the pristine snow covering everything. The color version isn’t anything to look at but Silver Efex Pro did wonders on this image and really brought out some detail that would have been lost otherwise.

Vermont-Lake Champlain-Burlington-Sunset

The humidity on the day that I shot this image was pretty heavy…Just another hot and humid day in Vermont on Lake Champlain. I come to this particular area quite often as the compositions change with the water levels throughout the year. I was drawn to the shape of this small puddle among the rocks here but the humidity combined with the ethereal look to the setting sun behind the clouds was just too good to pass up!

Vermont-Mount Mansfield-Sunset-Fall foliage

During the Fall foliage season I had a chance to make an image I have had on my mind for quite awhile. I have never looked at this ridgeline showing the top of Mount Mansfield at sunset so I took a shot during the peak foliage and I was not disappointed! The color in the leaves coupled with the fading light was just brilliant and in fact right after this shot was made the sun dipped below the horizon turning this composition almost black!

Vermont-Burlington-Lake Champlain-Sunset

This image was by far one of my best, most viewed images of the year! It was a difficult image to make due to the position of the puddle and the rocks behind me. This was the tail end of a storm and I really wanted to get the cloud reflections in the water as the sun was setting. My tripod has a short center column so getting close to the ground was easy but I had to lay on my stomach in the water here to actually compose and make the image. I caught the sun behind the clouds at just the right point as the reflected light was just beautiful. I love the time period after these storms because the light is just incredible! The image was been viewed almost 3200 times on Flickr and has been my most successful one to date.

Odds and Ends from 2013!

Here are several images from the year that I did not have time to post. These were also some of my favorites but for a variety of reasons I did not post them.

Vermont-Burlington-Lake Champlain-Clouds

I am not much of a midday shooter but the clouds on this day were begging to be photographed. Just a simple shot of activity on the lake with these beautiful clouds above.

Vermont-Burlington-fishing pier-Sunset

I really was bummed that there was not a cloud in the sky here but the sunset light on the pier here with the people fishing really attracted me to it!

Vermont-Lake Champlain-Storm-Sunset-Burlington

I was able to catch a few images of this storm while it was sprinkling rain. Really liked the moody atmosphere in these clouds!

Vermont-Burlington-Rock Point-Fog

Was hoping that this rock would have been shrouded in fog on a particularly foggy morning but no luck for me. You have to wait until the water level is quite low to shoot this rock and I wanted to at least come away with something!

Vermont-Mount Mansfield-Lake of the clouds

I never get tired of this view! Mount Mansfield is an awesome mountain to shoot and this was my first visit to this spot. Not bad for a midnight wake-up call for a 3 a.m. hike up a mountain in the dark!

Vermont-Winter-Sunset-Perkins Pier

Not much in the way of clouds but the light on this cold winter sunset was really nice!


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