Whale Tails

Vermont-Sculpture-Reverence-Jim Sardonis

The holiday season is behind us and I look forward to finally being able to get out and do some photography on a regular basis again. The past few months have been quite slow for my photography wise as I was quite sick for several weeks and busy with lots of different projects and some paid photography jobs that have pulled me away from landscape work. I basically went from the beginning of November all the way to the end of December and I made a total of three landscape images. The deep freeze we experienced in New England definitely did not help matters for me but I hopefully will be back on track in the coming weeks.

After weeks of lifeless and cloudy grey skies the clouds finally lifted for a few hours on December 30th and I had nothing but beautiful, crystal clear skies. With only a three hour window of clear skies I headed out to a well known sculpture only a few minutes from my home that we locals like to call the “Whale tails.” The real title of the piece is “Reverence” and it was made by Jim Sardonis. The tails are made from 36 tons of black African granite and stand at 13 feet tall. They sit on a very tiny hill that is a stones throw from Vermont’s main interstate I-89. It is a great spot for night photography and the sculpture provides a great setting for a star trail image!

This image was a challenge to make as it was below zero when I shot it and the ice storm we had a week prior to shooting the star trail sequence made the field and hill that the sculpture sits on as smooth as glass and icy. I made the walk out to the sculpture and being so cold out I had to quickly find a composition and begin shooting. I simply framed the top of both tails into the shot, set up my gear and began shooting all while stamping my feet and trying to keep myself warm. Cars traveling on the interstate light up the sculpture perfectly so it’s fairly easy to nail focus on this one. It felt great to be out under the stars and shooting again!

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