Heaven And Earth

Mount Mansfield-Vermont-Winter-clouds

Mount Mansfield in Winter from Underhill, Vermont with clouds and snow.

Sorry for the lack of blog posts over the past month my friends but I have been battling some funky walking pneumonia or some derivation of that type so I haven’t been out much shooting. With that said I do have a backlog of images to share and I hope to finish up with my Winter work and move into Spring images soon! Back in February we had a nice day where the cloud formations and blue skies were just incredible and I was fortunate enough to have the day off so I went out for some photography fun! This location offers a sweeping view of the entire Mount Mansfield range and combined with the cloud formations it made for some awesome black and white images.

You wouldn’t know that this location is up a small dirt road as the field is quite hidden from the road but a short hike up the public ski trails here leads you out into a decent sized field and this great view of Mount Mansfield! After trudging through the fairly deep snow here I made a really wide shot to include the clouds hovering over the mountain. I really liked the bits of open sky along with the cloud formations and all of the snow covering the mountains…A quintessential Vermont Winter scene at its finest!

I made some simple edits on this on doing my usual processing in Lightroom and deepening the blue in the sky just a touch for a black and white conversion in Silver Efex Pro. I think the conversion to black and white here really made this Winter image pop and gave it some more life. These images sometimes can be drab in color but the lighting in this one really gave the image some legs!


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