Off The Beaten Path – Groton State Forest. Lanesboro, Vermont


Stream and marsh grasses with Autumn Foliage in Groton State Forest. Lanesboro, Vermont.

Well I am glad you all waited and I can finally start sharing some of my favorite images from the 2014 Vermont Autumn foliage season! I have been busy processing and still have two more memory cards to go and I thought I would start off with one of my favorites from my travels around the state looking for foliage color. I came across this scene purely by accident and it is one you could miss if you were not looking closely. Lanesboro, Vermont is a tiny speck on a Vermont state map but it sits smack dab in the middle of some of the best foliage viewing the state has to offer! Route 232 travels through the Groton State forest and on a side dirt road with a tiny sign you will come across this scene. If you blink you will miss the road and the sign but lucky for me I did not do either.

The road this spot is one connects to an old railway bed that has since been turned into a dirt road which connects to two very picturesque ponds that have some stunning foliage during peak color. As I was headed to these ponds you first come through a marsh area and I was really taken with the light on the marsh grasses here. You can see the peak color in the background forest but the main attraction was the grass. The small stream snaking through the grasses with the cloud reflections really drew me into this one and I had to pull over to make a few images here. While the foliage color in the area was certainly a draw these types of grasses also change color during the foliage season and I did like the color palate in this image.

Shooting this was a challenge as it was during the midday hours but I never shy away from a shot that I can see in my mind. I attached a circular polarizer and a two stop graduated neutral density filter to my lens and I was able to capture this scene. The polarizer really helped to tame the highlights in the grass and the density filter balanced out the sky and the foreground. After some basic processing in Lightroom I was really pleased with the final results on this one. Here in Vermont it often pays to get off the main roads because you will always find a nice surprise when looking for photography subjects.

If you enjoy this image and would like to purchase a copy you can do so right here!


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