Winter Blues. Whale Tails Sculpture. South Burlington, Vermont.

Vermont-Winter-whale tails-sculpture

The Jim Sardonis sculpture “Reverence” in South Burlington, Vermont under Winter moonlight and clouds.

It’s a new year and things have been busy for me over the past few months with my photography and digital art. I spent three weeks in the Autumn months photographing landscapes as much as I could before the season ended and I took a much deserved break from my social media activities. I try to keep up with my postings but I got a bit burned out and wanted to take some time to pursue some other artistic endeavors. The Winter here in Vermont has been quite bad…very little snow and above average temps. It’s been hard to find decent Winter landscapes so I have taken the down time to focus on Photoshop work and digital art. While the keeper rate for some of my pieces has been low it has been helpful for me to learn a lot of new techniques and art styles within Photoshop.

Lucky for me that last week the weather broke with some clear skies at night so I headed out to do a bit of star photography. As anyone who lives in New England knows the weather can change quite rapidly and at my chosen location it went from clear skies to cloudy in under an hour! I chose to go to the Whale Tails sculpture “Reverence” by Jim Sardonis which is located on a public hay-field and park in South Burlington, Vermont. The sculpture sits on the edge of Interstate 89 but is in a nice spot with little light pollution. I wanted to shoot this sculpture in a new way so I set up to get the moon in the upper portion of the frame. I got lucky with the clouds as they were fast-moving and happen to be a front of snow moving into the area. ( I use the term snow loosely as we only got a dusting that night!)

I dialed in a white balance of 3800 to keep a bit of blue in the sky and used settings of ISO 400 @ F4 for 30 seconds. If you time your shots here the lights from passing cars on the interstate always illuminate the sculpture perfectly so it shows up nicely in the final image and no light painting is necessary while shooting. The only major thing that I did with this image was to remove a bit of flare from the moonlight that was a bit distracting. The flare was unavoidable due to my position as well as the moon. This wacky weather has me a bit down but I still get out when possible to shoot!


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