Frozen Stars-Burlington, Vermont Waterfront

Vermont-Winter-Star Trails-Night Photography

Lake Champlain froze over completely this year and I was able to walk out to this warning platform that sits on the Burlington Breakwater. This platform is just a short distance from shore but tough to get to without a boat or a frozen lake!  This platform sits on a smaller inner breakwater with the Coastguard station for Burlington on the opposite side of the structure. The temps were hovering around zero and slightly below when I made this image so I did not have a chance to finish the star trails like I wanted too. I got some nice light from a full moon to illuminate the platform with the trails above in the sky. The ice tends to move and crack so needless to say I did not spend a ton of time out here shooting!


5 thoughts on “Frozen Stars-Burlington, Vermont Waterfront

  1. Wow, I’m amazed you got any shots at all, firstly with the temps and then with that dodgy ice. This shot looks fantastic.

    • Lee…we had 42 straight days of below freezing temps….third coldest winter ever here in Vermont. The ice was pretty thick this year however it was moving and i could feel the waves underneath it…yikes!

      • I can’t even begin to understand winter like that, yes I’ve skied but that’s holiday which is very different to living in the snow. I would have thought the weight of the ice would have stopped any waves forming underneath, seems weird 🙂

      • Actually lee the ice is like its own little ecosystem…the water moves underneath which heaves the ice…cracks and refreezes around unprotected shorelines. Its spooky at night when your on it and its cracking.

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