A scary Winters Night-Burlington, Vermont Breakwater

Vermont-Winter-Lake Champlain-Night-Lighthouse

My original intention for this image was to do a star trail image of this lighthouse which sits on Lake Champlain. There is a breakwater that sits in the Burlington, Vermont harbor and there is a lighthouse on either end. We got lucky this year as the lake froze over completely and I was able to hike out here to make the image. It was a different story though as I got out to this position and set up my camera. With the ice creaking and cracking underneath as well as the ice heaving from wave action I really did not stay here very long. I managed to get about three or four images before my good sense got the best of me and I headed back to shore. It’s kind of scary to be out here all alone and here the ice noises along with waves crashing beneath you!


4 thoughts on “A scary Winters Night-Burlington, Vermont Breakwater

  1. Totally epic, Andy! I LOVE this photo, and the story you’ve shared here to describe what you dealt with in capturing and creating this piece really adds a great layer of interest here! Great job my friend!

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