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Hello readers and welcome to my blog and business page, my name is Andy and this is Andrew Gimino Photography! I am 38 years old and I live and work in Burlington, Vermont. Photography is what gets me up in the morning and what I dream about in my sleep. I have always loved art, whether it is painting, drawing, or urban graffiti street art, creating art has always been a part of my life. I began making 35mm images as a teenager but it was many years before I focused my artistic pursuits on photography. Six years ago I picked up a camera and dove headfirst into the digital photography world to pursue image making as a career.

My commercial work focuses on helping businesses create emotional connections to their brands through photos. I am working hard to build a client base of local businesses that want high quality photography to connect to their customers. Does this sound like you and your business? Give me a call, or use the contact form to reach out to me. I am always interested in talking about your businesses photography needs.

I also shoot portraits. I enjoy the personal connection that comes from shooting portrait photos. Whether it is a one-on-one photo shoot, a couple’s engagement shoot, or a professional head shot, I am dedicated to making my clients’ look and feel their best in their photos. Looking for a photo that is meaningful, beautiful, and that you will treasure for years to come? Give me a call!

Lastly, I am at my very heart a natural landscape photographer. I live and breathe getting out into the Vermont landscape and taking beautiful photos of what I see. My greatest accomplishment and my motivation for continuing to pursue photography as my life’s work have come from being published as a landscape photographer. I want nothing more than for you to love my photos as much as I love creating the image! I’d want to have my work hanging in your home, gallery, restaurant, or even above your toilet! Any place for you to enjoy the work is okay by me! Check out my prints for sale, or contact me for custom images.


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    • That’s awesome Nigel! Thanks for the comment. I have been shooting with the 7d for a year now and it is a great camera, You will have fun with it. My main lens at the moment is Canon’s 17-40mm L series lens…Great image quality and fast autofocus. Well worth the money.

    • No deina im not…the paid work I do is sporadic but I do get jobs here and there. Im working hard on trying to make my living form photography. It can be a frustrating path sometimes.

  1. I give you lots of credit for trying to make photography work as a career. I so want to do that myself but can hardly make a penny doing it as a hobby and passion and fear that I would never make it as a living. I haven’t given up hope and some day I will make it work but not yet. You have some top notch work and it is inspirational to me. Keep up what you are doing, you look to be on the right path to me 🙂

    • Wow Cj…thanks so much for your kind words. Take that fear and just throw it away man! Dont let it hold you back. You can do this it just takes a HUGE time investment. IF you have the passion and the drive then it will happen my friend. I went into photography knowing I wanted to go all the way with it and I was willing to do the hard work to get there. Keep at it!

  2. I’m in the start-up phase of a photography business in the NEK. I love your landscape work, and admire your determination. Passion is key during all stages of the game. If your ever shooting in the Kingdom, get in touch. I spend a fair amount of time in Quebec, some great places with amazing views of Lake Memphremagog.

  3. Hey Andy!,
    Great site and fantastic images! Your passion is great! I also shoot with a 7D and 17-40L, great stuff, but have a lot to learn!

  4. Like the work good job . thanks for shareing your toughts and your work . I enjoyed it and will be back . keep up the good work .

  5. You do some nice work. There’s no way I could quit my day gig, but man I love being outside with my camera…I’m currently shooting with a Rebel (I also have the 17-40mm f/4 L), and I hope to move up to that 7D some day. Keep up the good work.

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