Vintage lampost. South Burlington, Vermont-Polaroid Spectra. Impossible Project Film

lamp post-Polaroid Spectra-Impossible Project-instant film

Vintage lampost in abandoned parking lot shot with a Polaroid Spectra camera and Impossible Project film.

I have become so enamored with the Polaroid and instant film process that I have abandoned shooting film. I really like shooting the everyday things that most of us overlook as well as how finicky instant film can be. I find it a liberating process from digital images and quite fun! This is a simple image of a vintage lamp post against a clear blue sky. I really liked the shape of the lamp post and it’s contrast against the sky. The Polaroid Spectra was the only Polaroid camera that had exposure compensation and finding the right balance of lights to dark really is a crap shoot. I had the compensation set to zero here and it came out a bit bright in the end. I think it’s all of these “mistakes” that you just can’t get with digital that really appeal to me.