The Wild Pond-Kettle Pond. Groton, Vermont.

Vermont-Groton-Kettle Pond-Autumn

The Kettle Pond shoreline with clouds during the Autumn foliage season.

This was my first visit to Kettle Pond in Groton, Vermont and I must say that I was blown away. With zero development along it’s shores there are a great deal of photography compositions to keep one busy for an entire day! Here I hiked about halfway around due to time constraints but the view was quite gorgeous. While not quite peak foliage in this image I did get a nice set of clouds over the mountains that surround the pond. As I was scouting around I noticed this tree sticking out over the pond with some nice rocks underneath to use as a foreground. The reeds that are out of camera view were 5-6 feet tall and made getting into position difficult I managed to pull off this image…Kind of like you are peaking around a corner to see what’s coming up next!